Via Science Blog

  • Via Science on the Road: Taiwan and Tokyo

    During recent travels to Taiwan and Tokyo, CEO Colin Gounden met with business and thought leaders in energy to discuss how AI, machine learning, and analytics can solve the urgent challenges facing the industry.

  • Living Our Values: Via Science Offsites

    Twice a year, Via Science brings its Cambridge and Montreal teams together to reconnect, reflect, and plan for the year ahead.

  • You Asked, We Answered: The Technical Day-to-Day for a Via Science Data Scientist

    Two of Via Science’s newest data scientists share their experiences working with Via Science’s preferred technologies for the first time, diverse clients and projects and the overall learning environment.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Jim Creighton

    Manifold Partners’ Jim Creighton sat down with us to discuss the growing trend of using machine learning and large-scale data analysis to better control risk and predict outcomes in the investment world and what he learned using Via Science’s approach.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Oonagh McPhillips

    Oonagh McPhillips, Assistant Secretary General, Corporate Affairs of Ireland’s Department of Justice and Equality, sat down with our team to discuss the global impact of predictive analytics on justice systems.

  • Humanitarian Technology 2016: Recap

    This past June, Colin Gounden spoke at the Humanitarian Technology conference – Via Science’s second consecutive invitation to present at the annual event. The talk “Risk Analytics in Uncertain Times” looked at how using emerging technologies could dramatically improve the way we address and solve security challenges.

  • Every Nerd’s Dream: Using Bayesian Mathematics to Analyze “Game of Thrones”

    This blog post is based on a project that Via Science advisor Allen Downey’s students worked on related to the fate of characters in “Game of Thrones”.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Sudhi Sinha

    Sudhi Sinha, Vice President of Product Development, Building Efficiency for Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI), talks about how IoT data analytics can help build smarter buildings and what that means for the future of engineering.

  • Insider Attacks: The Threat You Never Saw Coming

    An estimated 80 million insider attacks occur in the United States each year. This threat extends across industries, but as we’ve seen, attackers have set their sights on critical infrastructure. Leaders can no longer avoid the growing magnitude of this threat.

  • Big Math Explorations: Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Harvard Innovation Lab

    In the latest installment of our Big Math Explorations series, we discover two innovation hubs in our own backyard: the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and the Harvard Innovation Lab.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Robert Muggah

    Robert Muggah, Research Director of the Igarapé Institute and the SecDev Foundation, discusses the research he’s done over the past 20 years related to global violence and the ways analytics and in particular, a partnership with Via Science, is playing a role to help make our world safer.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Jeffrey Taft

    Jeffrey Taft, Chief Architect for Electrical Grid Transformation at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, spoke with our team about his background in the energy industry and his focus area of research, ultra complex systems.