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  • You Asked, We Answered: The Technical Day-to-Day for a Via Science Data Scientist

    Two of Via Science’s newest data scientists share their experiences working with Via Science’s preferred technologies for the first time, diverse clients and projects and the overall learning environment.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Jim Creighton

    Manifold Partners’ Jim Creighton sat down with us to discuss the growing trend of using machine learning and large-scale data analysis to better control risk and predict outcomes in the investment world and what he learned using Via Science’s approach.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Oonagh McPhillips

    Oonagh McPhillips, Assistant Secretary General, Corporate Affairs of Ireland’s Department of Justice and Equality, sat down with our team to discuss the global impact of predictive analytics on justice systems.

  • Humanitarian Technology 2016: Recap

    This past June, Colin Gounden spoke at the Humanitarian Technology conference – Via Science’s second consecutive invitation to present at the annual event. The talk “Risk Analytics in Uncertain Times” looked at how using emerging technologies could dramatically improve the way we address and solve security challenges.

  • Every Nerd’s Dream: Using Bayesian Mathematics to Analyze “Game of Thrones”

    This blog post is based on a project that Via Science advisor Allen Downey’s students worked on related to the fate of characters in “Game of Thrones”.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Sudhi Sinha

    Sudhi Sinha, Vice President of Product Development, Building Efficiency for Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI), talks about how IoT data analytics can help build smarter buildings and what that means for the future of engineering.

  • Insider Attacks: The Threat You Never Saw Coming

    An estimated 80 million insider attacks occur in the United States each year. This threat extends across industries, but as we’ve seen, attackers have set their sights on critical infrastructure. Leaders can no longer avoid the growing magnitude of this threat.

  • Big Math Explorations: Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Harvard Innovation Lab

    In the latest installment of our Big Math Explorations series, we discover two innovation hubs in our own backyard: the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and the Harvard Innovation Lab.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Robert Muggah

    Robert Muggah, Research Director of the Igarapé Institute and the SecDev Foundation, discusses the research he’s done over the past 20 years related to global violence and the ways analytics and in particular, a partnership with Via Science, is playing a role to help make our world safer.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Jeffrey Taft

    Jeffrey Taft, Chief Architect for Electrical Grid Transformation at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, spoke with our team about his background in the energy industry and his focus area of research, ultra complex systems.

  • So, you want to be a data scientist?

    Via Science is looking for talented data scientists to join our team in Montréal. If you’ve ever wondered if the role of data scientist is right for you, we have some insight from our current team members to help you decide.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Ric Upton

    Ric Upton, founder of Gloucester Innovation (GI), sat down with our marketing team to talk about his hopes for the future of ocean monitoring and how Via Science could play a role in aquaculture.

  • Saving for a Rainy Day

    The state of California is facing the most severe drought in over a century. So, how can water usage be effectively monitored to help prevent further wastage? Analytics and satellite data may be one solution.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Kathleen Corsi

    Kathleen Corsi, former Treasurer of Yum! Brands and former CFO of KFC, sat down with our marketing team to talk about her background in the food and beverage industry and how analytics played a major role in her career.

  • Predicting Predictions: The Use of Bayesian Model Averaging to Select Models

    Recently, Via Science had the privilege of speaking at a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) event that discussed the ways advanced analytics and modeling can increase real-time and day-ahead market efficiency.

  • Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact 2015 Recap

    Two weeks ago I spoke at HumTech2015. The presentation “Promoting Food Security Through Improved Analytics” discussed the ways that multi-modal data can help alleviate a potential food scarcity crisis.

  • How Software Can Support the Challenges of Body-Worn Cameras

    Video captured through body-worn cameras presents powerful opportunities for both police departments and citizens. Of course with any new technology, there are going to be challenges, some of which software can help.

  • The Vital Importance of Precision Agriculture

    There are many risks that are impacting our ability to generate food today including plateauing crop yields in some regions, climate change and the increase in population growth.

  • The Meta-Trends of IoT

    Technology pioneers have been forecasting a multi-trillion dollar Internet of Things (IoT) space for quite some time. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, many companies showcased new products, many of which were smart and connected, proving that IoT forecasts are starting to become a reality.

  • Internet of Things + Snow Removal = Happy Via Science Team

    Via Science’s Boston location has seen record-breaking amounts of snow this season, and technology has played a major role in helping to clean it up.

  • Via Science’s Advisor, Professor Tom Davenport, Teams Up with Professor Sanjay Sarma for Harvard Business Review

    After meeting this past April, Professor Davenport and Professor Sarma have reunited to talk about the Internet of Things for HBR.

  • Our Advisory Board: Who They Are, What They Do and Why We Love Them!

    In tandem with our news item highlighting CEO Colin Gounden’s mention of Via Science’s advisory board in The Mindful Marketer, we are sharing a few more of Via Science’s secrets to building and benefiting from an advisory board.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Mark Cosby

    Throughout Mark Cosby’s career, he has been a strong advocate of data and analytics as essential tools for retailers. Via Science’s advisor Tom Davenport recently sat down with Mark to discuss the importance of analytics in the office supply industry.

  • People Meters, Partnerships, Predictions…Oh My!

    Technology has dramatically transformed the way we watch TV in the past 5 years alone, so how have ratings changed to keep up with the latest trends?

  • Visual Data: Is What You See ALL You Get?

    Not only is the amount of data we have access to growing, but so is the variety and type that is available. In the past year alone there are several examples of global datasets, like satellite data, that have been made public. This gives us the opportunity to approach analytics from a different angle.

  • Big Data’s Role in a Montréaler’s Everyday Life

    In our recent blog post “Big Data’s Role in a Bostonian’s Everyday Life,” we touched on the impact technology, big data and analytics have had on the lives of Bostonians. Of course, big data plays an equally important role in the lives of folks in Montréal.

  • Without Professor Judea Pearl, Big Math Could Not Shape the Future

    In honor of Professor Judea Pearl’s birthday, we would like to highlight one of his many accomplishments in computer science and mathematics, and how important it is to us at Via Science.

  • Big Data’s Role in a Bostonian’s Everyday Life

    Boston continues to be the center for technology and higher education on the East Coast. It comes as no surprise that we are a very math-minded city. So, here’s what we’re wondering: how does big data contribute to everyday life in Boston?

  • What Via Science Does to Answer the “When, Why and How” of Big Data

    The big advantage of our approach is that customers can answer all three questions from a single platform without having to re-integrate data when moving from question to question.

  • Big Math Spotlight: David Mancuso

    Via Science’s advisor David Mancuso sat down with our marketing team to discuss analytics trends in regulated industries, how New England fares in these industries and why Via Science is a great fit for him.

  • Celebrating Via Science’s Locations: 10 Things We Love About Montréal and Boston/Cambridge

    In honour of Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th), we compiled a list of the top 10 things we love about the cities our company calls home!

  • REFS™ Breakthrough Case Study: Predicting Individualized Risk for Humans…Why Not Machines?

    Results of a recent study published in The American Journal of Managed Care show that our platform, REFS™, can predict the onset of disease at an individual level.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Darren Small

    Darren Small, Director of Integrity at Sportradar and I recently sat down to talk about his role within the company and trends he’s seeing in the industry. Darren touches on the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and sports betting and fraud detection surrounding this global event.

  • Big Math Explorations: Seven Improvements for the Performance of Drones and Aerial Video Processing

    For the first stop in Via Science’s Big Math Explorations series, we visited an MIT-spinout UAV designer and manufacturer.

  • The End of Big Data?

    A recent article published by The Economist points out three problem areas related to big data and data analysis. Via Science acknowledges that these problems exist and believes that Big Math is a requirement to help overcome them.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Tom Davenport

    For the second installment in our Big Math Spotlight series, we interviewed our advisor and analytics guru, Tom Davenport. In the interview, Tom talks about when he first fell in love with analytics, his new book “Big Data at Work” and what his next career move might be.

  • Big Math Spotlight: Kathleen O’Toole

    In this Q&A style interview, you will learn about what keeps Kathleen O’Toole up at night, how analytics might be used in the public safety and security sector and why she chose to join Via Science’s advisory board.

  • The Future: The Analytics of Things

    Via Science and Professor Tom Davenport went on a tour of MIT Professor Sanjay Sarma’s Field Intelligence Lab to learn more about the world of sensors.

  • Making Sense of Sensor Streams

    Sensors are being built into machines across industries in order to relay real-time status information. At Via Science, we are excited to now have the ability to make predictions and send alerts from this streaming data using our automated analytics platform, REFS™.

  • 17 Stats for St. Patrick’s Day

    At Via Science, we love all things math related. In honor of 3/17, we thought we would give you some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed math facts (3 categories, 17 facts in total).

  • Roll Out the Red Carpet, Here Comes…Analytics?!

    With the Oscars approaching this Sunday, March 2nd, the world is buzzing with predictions.

  • Big Data = Big Resources

    Big data is on the minds and agendas of senior executives at almost every company today.

  • The Who and How of Predicting the Sochi Olympics

    As the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics approach, many companies and individuals are making some big predictions. And those of us in the analytics field are no exception!

  • Principles Underlying REFS™

    These principles are the foundation for our automated analytics platform and they generally structure any engagements we have with clients.

  • Garbage In, Garbage Out: A Tale of NFL Super Bowl History

    You would think an organization capable of staging such an important event would have accurate historical information listed on its website, right?

  • No more walls…

    Using Bayesian networks to help solve corporate security problems.

  • Knowing your edge

    The key to long-term prosperity is to quantify your edge and bet accordingly.

  • With great data comes great responsibility

    Technology has changed standard business practice dramatically and now managers have an abundance of data to analyze.